You may know Greg Bryk from his role as Jeremy Danvers in the hit TV series Bitten. Maybe you just discovered him portraying the playfully malevolent Cobbs Pond in Frontier; or as the suave, yet sinister, Grady in S1 of Mary Kills People. Perhaps you've seen him in numerous other tv & film roles over the years, or are simply a fan of his poetry? Regardless of the where, when, or how, we are delighted to welcome you to Greg Bryk Online. Here, we aim to provide you with the latest news, project updates, event/appearance schedules, photos & more. Feel free to look around. Becoming a member, will allow you to unlock additional content & features such as private forums, photos & access to exclusive contests or give aways. The membership sign-up procedure is Fast & Free!! Members also have the opportunity to add their own, related, content to the site, and fan participation is both welcomed and encouraged. Thank you for visiting today & we hope you'll come back very soon - Greg Bryk Online Team (Est. Jan '17)

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Far Cry 5 - The Sermon Live Action Trailer (via... More
JeremyDanversFan Moderator
Greg talks family and his new projects... More
Nikki Admin
Inside Eden's Gate is currently only available... More
Nikki Mar 5
JeremyDanversFan Moderator
FAR CRY 5: INSIDE EDEN'S GATE Heart-pounding,... More
Nikki Admin
Yay!! Thanks for letting us know it arrived...
Nikki Mar 4


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