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JeremyDanversFan Mar 5 '18


Heart-pounding, thrilling and Greg at his best 'bad' again...

That's the 30 mins short film leading to the upcoming action game FAR CRY 5 of the Far Cry universe of the house UBISOFT

As Greg himself and the Far Cry/Ubisoft team have done a lot of great promotion work over the last months and I kind of knew that I would buy that game - I wanted to watch the short film as well to witness his great performance as the cult leader Joseph Seed.

Stunning! He looks so badass LOL Loved especially his entrance scene ;) I like his voice very much so I never thought one bit to switch on the German subtitles that would've distracted me too much I believe. Love every second of the film: Actors (Esp Kyle Gallner is amazing as well!), very gripping story telling, beautiful shots, good action scenes/stunts...

If you have the chance - watch it on Amazon Video only! It's for free right now and exclusively for Prime users!

We all know he is brilliant when he plays bad ;) 

See you all in Hope County, Montana...Something is coming!

Game release 27th of march 2018!

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Nikki Mar 23 '18

Thanks for sharing such a great review. 

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from the film, but I enjoyed it & found myself wishing it was longer!  I know it was made as a companion piece to the game itself, but I think many non gamers could also enjoy Inside Edens Gate for the short film it is. Hopefully it becomes available on other platforms so more fans can access it.