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Mollbunny Jan 28
Please someone tell me that they also LOVE this movie? It can't just be me! Xo
distortedbunny VIP
Is not just you!!! I found the concept very interesting and Victor very callous but alluring. When he said "Good things come to those who beg" I gasped and made my dog jump lol
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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
Still want to watch that one someday ... Is it very scary? LOL More horror or thriller? 
tani VIP
tani Aug 10
I watched and gif'ed the movie not too long ago. I watched it in German so I cannot really tell you if his lines were clever but damn… The scene where he falls "dead" into the table was my favourite one because it remembered me of "Heathers" :D All in all...the movie was a bit weird but I liked it anyways!
Anna Aug 19
ohh, after reading your comments about the movie I  just had to look it up and now I just want to see it. So time to start looking after it I suppose and hope that I can find it.