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Nikki Admin
Nikki Mar 15

With huge thanks to our friends at Ubisoft Montreal we have Far Cry 5 Tshirts to give away this month & there are a couple of Cult symbol, dog tag necklaces too!

For a shot at winning either a Hope County T-Shirt OR a Cult Dog Tag simply comment below to indicate your interest.

We're also going to have a separate draw for a Grand Prize pack!

One lucky fan will receive:
A Hope County T-Shirt AND a Cult Dog Tag Necklace
an 8 x 10 inch 'Edens Gate' photo signed by The Father himself.  Thanks Greg :)

You'll have to work just a little bit harder if you want a chance to win that prize pack:

To qualify for the Grand prize draw, we want you to share your thoughts concerning Gregs work/role as Joseph Seed in either FC5 or Far Cry New Dawn. Post your reactions (or a review) within the specified thread (click on link below) & tell Greg, and your fellow fan community, how you feel.

  Grand Prize Contest Thread 

Both Contests close March 30th

Admin Note - March 27th


We want your potential contest entries to be valid so please pay careful attention to the requirements & instructions given above.

 There are 2 separate contests draws, each requiring different responses/entries from you.

#1. To enter to win the Grand Prize, your thoughts, reaction or review must be posted in the Grand Prize Contest thread , as noted above, in order to qualify. You can also click HERE to link to that prize thread.

#2. For a chance to win a Hope County T-Shirt OR a Cult Dog Tag, just reply below with a simple 

"I'd love to win" and you'll automatically be entered into the 2nd draw.  Feel free to mention a preference, though we can't guarantee your item choice will still be available. It's all in the luck of the draw! 

You are welcome to enter into both contest draws, however you may only win once. 

Therefore if the Grand Prize winners name also appears among the list of entrants for the other give away, their name will be withdrawn before the second draw takes place.

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Sarakay Mar 21
Hi Greg I’m a huge fan but truly not a gamer I’m a mom where my daughter plays both fc5 and new dawn but just bc I do not play I was intrigued by far cry 5 and new dawn I made my daughter show me both games and truly I’m so impressed with the role of the father bc even though I don’t play mostly bc I have rheumatoid arthritis and it’s hard on my hands but I love the father in both of these games I feel you send true messages about being true to yourself and what to believe in including god and yourself not just a game real messages come through my daughter and I both love both games I watch her play and new dawn omg it’s so cool that the player gets to interact with the father my daughter was so moved by this and as well as I we cried truly. We love the father as well as Greg Bryk they are both amazing love always your true fans Sara and Kayla
JeremyDanversFan Moderator
I'd love to win an Edens Gate sympol dog tag!!!! 
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Batty_Quinn Mar 23
Praise be to you Father, guide me and give me strength. I'd love the dogtag ❤
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Much love and admiration for Greg Bryk and the Father. I'd love either prize but if I had to pick, I'm loving that shirt :)
Zerahballad Mar 25
Oh Lord, the sinful life just ain't enough! The Father can fix that easily with a Fall's End t-shirt. We'll take the town back in no time! :D
ursamedium Mar 27

Hi! I'd like to enter both contests. 

So, this was difficult for me to put into words. I'm extremely fond of Joseph Seed as a character and there are so many reasons why. I puzzled a lot over how to narrow it down and how to put it into words.

First and foremost, the Father wouldn't have been nearly as successful a character and villain without Greg Bryk's performance. The emotion brought through got me to empathize with the Father a lot, and far more than I'd ever have expected to for a villain. The final cutscene when the player kills John, Jacob, and Faith was something that truly stuck with me. One of the most raw, emotional scenes in a video game, ever, in my opinion.

My favorite video games are ones that offer moral grey areas instead of clear cut good / bad. I didn't expect Far Cry 5 to hit that so strongly, and the Father is the only reason it worked so well. I constantly questioned the path the Deputy takes through the game. The Father really drove home the feeling that neither the deputy nor the cult are the good guys. Maybe walking away is the only right choice to be made.

Then New Dawn rolled around, and I was happy for, maybe, a chance at working with the Father instead of the destructive path of FC5. The softer side of the Father in New Dawn felt, to me, like what he could've been had his life presented different circumstances.

The end of New Dawn with Joseph was so heartwrenching. Neither choice felt right. I still wish the Captain could've just, grabbed him up in a big hug and asked to work together to rebuild New Eden. I mean. The Father seems like he'd probably give excellent and comforting hugs, and he deserves one, too. 

I still often think about how different things may have gone in the game if different choices were made, and especially so regarding the Father. I think I'd have joined Eden's Gate if we'd been presented with the option. Joseph makes it easy to see why people would join the cult... and that's kind of scary!

tani VIP
tani Mar 28
Count me in for this contest too. I'd be interested in the shirt, if I get the chance. :)
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humble_lime Mar 29
Hell yeah, I'm up for throwing my hat into the ring as well, either way *:・゚✧
Jaybarker182 Mar 29
I love Greg Bryk! So Far Cry 5 and New Dawn are amazing! I'm mostly interested in the shirt. ;)
JackyTheMoo VIP
JackyTheMoo Mar 30
I'd love to win. 

This is such a great contest! I would love to win either but I am most interested in the shirt!

Thank you so much for doing this!

Nikki Admin
Nikki Mar 30

*Both these contests are now CLOSED*

Good luck to all qualified entrants.

Grand Prize winner announcement - April 4th 

Other winners announced - April 5th

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
Good luck, everyone :)
ursamedium Mar 31
Oh, I'm sad to find that out a day late... I don't feel like it was specified very well in the post.
JeremyDanversFan Moderator

Sorry you had troubles understanding the rules for the contest and the giveaway :(

Haven't you gotten my DM here? I tried to reach out for you about a week ago!

Maybe you are lucky next time if we are doing another contest :D

Have a good day,


Quote from ursamedium Oh, I'm sad to find that out a day late... I don't feel like it was specified very well in the post.

Nikki Admin
Nikki Apr 4

It's time for the first of our FC5 goodies winner announcements.  

Good luck everyone! 

The winner of the Grand Prize Draw is....................

Huge congratulations to Eldritch Mortician. You have won a Hope County Tshirt, a Cult symbol Dog Tag & an Edens Gate photo signed by Greg!

Please use the 'private message' feature to send me your mailing info.

You have until April 12th to claim your prize. Items not claimed by April 12th will be considered forfeit & be withdrawn.       


Thanks to our friends at Ubisoft Montreal, we have 2 more Hope County Tshirts available for the second draw,  along with 1 Cult dog tag, so look for 3 more names to be announced tomorrow.

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Amber Apr 4
Zerahballad Apr 4
Congrats to the lucky winner! ^^
Oh wow o.o Thank you so much O.O
Nikki Admin
Nikki Apr 5
It's time for the 1st of our 2nd draw winners.   

Good luck guys! 

The 1st name selected is 

Congratulatios Jay! You win a Hope County Tshirt, as per your preference. 

Please use the 'private message' feature to send me your mailing info.

You have until April 12th to claim your prize. Items not claimed by April 12th will be considered forfeit & be withdrawn.

More winner announcements coming later today


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