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Nikki Admin
Nikki Mar 27
We get a lot of requests from new fans about Gregs other roles so we decided to start a dedicated thread.

If you have a fav role, tv show, or movie that Greg has done and you think it's a 'must watch' then please share it below. 

Click HERE to link to the media forum & check out the fun video the folks at Curse Entertainment put together. It covers many of Gregs acting roles. 

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Nikki Admin
Nikki Mar 27
Bitten - TV series. 

Starring role - 3 seasons

Frontier- TV series 

Recurring character (role expands as seasons progress)  3 seasons ( so far) 

Caught - TV series

Main cast. - Season 1

Mary Kills People  -TV series

Main cast- Season 1

Ransom - TV series 

Guest role - S1, ep 4

The Expanse - TV series

Guest role -S1, ep 3 - 6

I could go on.... & on....

but I want to know what your recommendations are,  so I'll end with this one....

2017 TedX talk at Queens U - public speaking

Not a 'role', but something this beautifully done, thought provoking, motivational & inspiring should be TOP of the must watch list IMHO 

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
So 'Bitten' (where I first saw him) and 'Frontier' for sure!!!!

But I also recommend ...

1. ReGenesis - TV series

Main cast 

(I only have watched season 1 by now, so don't know if the role of 'Weston Field' expands

in further 4 seasons) ... Starring lead: The great 'Peter Outerbridge' ;)

2. High-Rise Rescue - action packed TV film

Starring role

3. FAR CRY 5: Inside Eden´s Gate - live action short film to Far Cry 5 game

Starring role 

4. Lost and found - TV film

Main cast 

So long...

tani VIP
tani Mar 28

I am going to be real honest, I have to recommed "Building Bryks" because it so much fun to watch and also shows Greg (and the whole family of course) in a whole different light.

What I would also recommend and "Bryk Starter Pack" is Bitten, Far Cry 5, A History Of Violence, Frontier and The Handmaid's Tale. :)

JeremyDanversFan Moderator
Just there a German title for 'Building Bryks'?! 
Nikki Admin
Nikki Mar 28
Building Bryks is an oldie, but goodie.

Released in 2011, it's definitely worth a watch if you can find it ☺

JeremyDanversFan Moderator
:D Thanks!!!