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Nikki Admin
Nikki Jun 21 '19

Date: June 10th

It's been a while since I've written one of these, but with so much going on right now, it feels like a good time to get caught up!

After a fairly quiet few months, it now seems as if everything is happening at once! Many of the projects that Greg completed last year are making their way to screens, whilst 2019 is bringing multiple new ones & keeping our guy extremely busy.

This week sees the premiere of JETT, a TV series in which Greg has a recurring role. Check out the shows trailers here:

More info on Gregs role can be found in the New and Next forum. 

To celebrate the Jett premiere we will be launching another signed photo give away, so keep an eye on the contest forum & be sure to enter for your chance to win.

Which reminds me...
Belated congrats to our FarCry 5 contest winners. Hope you're all enjoying your swag.

Two movies that Greg appears in are on due to hit theatres this summer. 
MY SPY -  Aug 23rd
AD ASTRA - Sept 20th

Links to the movie trailers can be found in the media forum:

It's possible that CODE 8 could also be released later this year. Fingers crossed for that.

The broadcast date for V-WARS was pushed back from Spring 2019 & I'm now hearing Fall 2019 instead, though nothing has been confirmed yet.
Further info on this project can be found here:

Greg is currently very busy juggling multiple new opportunities, including a movie for Disney+ & a recurring role on a TV series.

News & updates on the latest projects can be found here:

Broadcast/ release news for completed projects can be found here:

Greg recently gave an interview in which he discusses many of these projects. You'll find a link to the full chat in the media forum:
Pour yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, & give it a listen.

Also don't forget to check out the latest photos, fan art & other topics on site.
You never know what you'll discover!

Until next time,
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