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MaryD Jan 31 '16

If you are interested in joining the team, check out what team openings we have available!

Please read all requirements carefully before applying.

Team Member Roles Descriptions:
  • Writer: its role will be to take care of website written content in the blog, news, articles, forum, and newsletter.
  • Moderator : it will be more an oversight role with respect to responses in the forum, articles, blog and guestbook.
  • Webmaster : its role is wider than the previous two, it will occupy the layout or look of the site.
  • Collaborator admin : assistant to the administrator in management of the site.

Current Openings:

Content Moderator  (Moderator)

Description: it will be more an oversight role with respect to responses in the blog, guestbook, articles, news, classifieds, forum, and chat.


  • Must be online weekly or daily

Journalist - News / Blogger (Writer)


  • Must know where to find news.
  • Good grammar and spelling.
  • Must be able to post news as often as possible.

Graphics Designer (webmaster)
Description: The Graphics Designer is responsible for making icons, avatars, banners, signatures, buttons, wallpapers, etc. for distribution on the site. (Note: This is not for designing the main site layout.)


  • Must know how to make great graphics.

Screencapper (webmaster)
Description: The Screencapper will be responsible for taking HQ screencaps (movies, interviews…).


  • Must know how to make screencaps.
  • Must be able to provide weekly screencaps.

Scanners (webmaster)
Description: The Scanners will be responsible for making scans of magazine, newspapers…


  • Must be able to provide monthly scans (old or new)

Description: The promoters will be responsible of promoting the site (forums, groups…).


  • Must be online weekly or daily.
  • Must promote the site, the news, new photos…
  • Must increase the hits here.
  • Must know forums, groups…where to promote the site w/o SPAMMING.


If you are interested in some of these ‘jobs’, send a PM to the Admin: Mary D/ Nikki or post to this thread your interests.  Sorry these jobs don't pay out any money!  But you'll gain experience & skills!

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