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MaryD Admin
MaryD Apr 22 '17

Current name of the newsletter: Greg Bryk Weekly

Post to this thread your ideas for the new name for the members newsletter.

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan Apr 24 '17
I still like the 'Bryk Bytes' idea ...
zztopdog VIP
zztopdog Apr 24 '17
Greg bryk', Thoughts

Nikki Admin
Nikki Apr 28 '17
Bryk Bytes  

Briefly Bryk  

The Bryk Report

These are just a few of the names we're considering. Let us know your thoughts/ideas.

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MaryD Admin
MaryD May 17 '17
Kinda leaning toward "Bryk Bytes" for the title of the newsletter than anything else at this point unless someone else comes up with something better. 
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Nikki Admin
Nikki May 17 '17
Bryk Bytes was one of first ideas that came to me, a little 'play on words' is always fun.  It still has my vote.
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