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Nikki Admin
Nikki Mar 28

Another New project coming soon  !!!!

We'll share more details as soon as we're able.

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Nikki May 8

Greg will shortly begin work on S4 of SYFYs Channel Zero.

The newest installment of this horror anthology will be called "Channel Zero: The Dream Door”  and is currently set to premiere on SYFY (US) in 2019

We hope to share more details on Gregs role soon. 

Stay tuned!

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
The first three seasons of CHANNEL ZERO are available on Amazon Video Germany in english and to buy!  
Nikki Admin
Nikki May 14

 Greg told me today that he will be taking on the role of Detective McPhillips, whom he described as "a little bent, not broken"

Check out the photo gallery for a first look.