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Nikki Admin
Nikki May 6 '19
The special premieres of Code 8 (for cast/crew & backers) have begun but there is no word on any theatrical release as yet. Stay tuned for updates
Nikki Admin
Nikki Sep 5 '19

It was announced, via Deadline, today that Vertical Entertainment has acquired rights to Code 8 and is currently planning a theatrical release 'near the end of this year.'   Click  HERE  to read the full article.
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Nikki Admin
Nikki Oct 30 '19
Code 8 is scheduled to hit some  North American theaters on Dec 7thOthers Dec 13th.

No word on theatrical release in other countries.

Code 8 will also be available 'on demand' December 13th.

It's unclear where that means exactly......

Stay tuned for updates

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Nikki Admin
Nikki Nov 7 '19

Code 8 will be available On Demand from:   

Apple TV   

Amazon Prime    

Google Play   


Theatrical release between Dec. 7th- 13th:

Only US/ Canadian cities have been named so far, but there will be more to come. Check your local listings & please share with your fellow fans if you find something

Click HERE to go to the media forum & link to the Code 8 movie trailer. 

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tani VIP
tani Dec 13 '19
Reminder! Code 8 is finally here. You can rent it on Amazon for $7 or buy it for $13. Have fun - I have already watched it and enjoyed it. ;)
Nikki Admin
Nikki Jan 10

Code 8 is available to watch, rent or buy,  internationally through many On Demand streaming services inc. Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Apple TV    


JeremyDanversFan Moderator
Code 8 is available in Germany due demand services ‚Amazon Video‘ and ‚Maxdome‘ to buy & rent! 
Nikki Admin
Nikki Yesterday, 07:09PM

Code 8 is now available on DVD/Blu-Ray through the usual outlets in CA & US.

( Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart etc)
International release of DVD/blu-ray may vary. Please check with your local Amazon/ retail outlets for 
specifics related to your location.