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Nikki Jun 27 '20

Greg is once again working with son Dempsey. This time on a short film, titled L for Loser  which was written by Demsey.

Greg takes on the role of 'superhero' & this project is a real family affair with son Billy also featured

Alex Ozerov, who played Alexei in S3 Bitten, also joins the cast.

Dempsey Bryk is set to direct.

An Indiegogo campaign was launched a few weeks ago to help raise funds for the project.  You can check that out HERE 

You knew the current pamdemic wouldn't keep this creative crew down for long! 

Updated -June 30th

Greg has added some FC5 perks indiegogo campaign:

2 'big ticket' items - his iconic Father sunglasses & a FC5 baseball bat

+ 20 signed FC5 photos

 Update - Jan 2021

The ongoing pandemic may have slowed things down a bit but never fear.  L for Loser is in post production & hopefully we'll have more news soon

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Nikki Mar 7

Update - March 5th      

It's time to send this project out into the world!    

Festival submissions have begun. GOOD LUCK guys 

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