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Nikki Admin
Nikki Dec 6 '17

Ladies & Gents.............

We now have a Canadian air date for Caught  !!!!

The 5 episode drama is set to premiere on CBC on Monday Feb 26th

No news on any US/ International broadcasters as yet.

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan Dec 6 '17
Sounds great and I am so happy for you all :) 
Nikki Admin
Nikki Feb 12 '18
While there's no official US broadcaster announcement yet, I've been hearing that some of our US friends are able to access the Canadian channel  CBC through their local providers.

Might be worth checking your local listings - just incase ☺

Nikki Admin
Nikki Feb 25 '18
Reminder Canadian fans - 

We are a mere 30 hrs away from the premiere of Caught!

Ep 1 airs tomorrow, Feb 26th, at 9pmE on CBC

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan May 14 '18
I really can't believe it but we have a german air date for CAUGHT  premier people!

Tuesday, July 17th 20.15 Uhr on the pay tv channel AXN

If you are an Amazon Prime user already you can book that channel via your account for only 4 euros per month (right after your 14 days test phase) and you will have full access to a few other shows as well! Check here: Amazon Video Channel AXN

You are will also have access due the german internet/phone/TV providers VODAFONE, UNITYMEDIA and ENTERTAIN TV (Telekom)! Check them out!

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Nikki Admin
Nikki Jun 10 '18
 News of International broadcasts are starting to come in. Keep an eye on your local listings, & if you hear about airings in your country, please let us know so we can update fellow fans. Thanks
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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan Nov 8 '18
Just in! German re-run for CAUGHT on pay TV channel AXN starts Dec 26th 2018 primetime 20.15 Uhr with ‚THE BREAK‘! 
Nikki Admin
Nikki Jun 18
I'm hearing that CAUGHT is now avail on Amazon Prime / IMDb TV in US. Not sure if this applies internationally too. If you find it is avail in your area, be sure to let us, & your fellow fans, know.
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