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Nikki Jan 6

Contests or GiveAways are offered/ open to members only.

Contests & GiveAways are generally open to all members, however, we may, occasionally, offer limited or bonus ones that come with specific entry requirements. As such, these may not be available to all members.

Unless otherwise stated, Contest & Give Away winners are chosen by random draw, from the list of qualified entries.

Winners have a specified time in which to claim their prize. Any item(s) not claimed by the date given will be considered forfeit & be withdrawn. 
Unclaimed items may be offered again in another draw, at a later date. 
Many of the items offered in our Contests & GiveAways are generously donated by Greg himself.
We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions from our friends at E-One, Global TV & Space Channel 

Please be aware:Though contests are always open to all members, worldwide, any DVD sets offered are usually region specific & may not be compatible with devices outside of Canada/USA

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