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Nikki Admin
Nikki May 2 '19

Greg has a recurring role in  JETT

This new TV show is currently expected to premiere sometime in June on Cinemax.

Stay tuned for further broadcast updates.

Admin Note: For more show /role info visit New & Next forum - link Here 


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Nikki Admin
Nikki May 16 '19

US -

Hearing possible JETT premiere date of June 14th on Cinemax  (TBC)

Update May 17th:

That airdate has now been confirmed.JETT will premiere June 14th on Cinemax


JETT premieres June 14th at 11pm on Crave+

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan May 30 '19

 Jett premieres on June 15 on OCS!

Asia: June 15th HBO 

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Nikki Admin
Nikki Jun 10 '19

For International fans: TBC

Hearing that JETT is set to premiere June 15th on HBO in many countries *

Check with your local provider (HBO content broadcaster)  to see if /when it's available in your area. If you find it, please post/ share info with your fellow fans.

* Via Gugino Source

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Anna Jun 18 '19
It had premiere on june 15th at Hbo Nordic. So Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland :)
JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan Jun 18 '19
Great! Thank you, Anna :)
Anna Jun 18 '19
Quote from JeremyDanversFan Great! Thank you, Anna :)
Your welcome :D I'm just glad that Jett is available to us. Because I still can't see Mary killing people anywhere;
JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan Oct 24 '19

 Jett premieres on Friday, Dec 6th on pay TV channel Sky Atlantic 20.15 Uhr!

Nikki Admin
Nikki Jan 10 '20
JETT is now available on  Sky One for our UK fans

I *think* new eps air at 10pm on Tuesdays, but there are multiple repeats throughout the week.  Check your local listings and set recorders accordingly.

Nikki Admin
Nikki Jan 19 '20
JETT is now available many through various platforms such as

 Amazon Prime video & Hulu in US

Sky One / Sky Atlantic in UK

Sky Atlantic - Germany

Canal Plus -  France

Check your local listings :)

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan Jan 20 '20
Jett is available in Germany due ‚Maxdome‘ and ‚Amazon Video‘ to buy now!