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Nikki Oct 11 '19

Another project coming up: 

"Looking forward to my next project. Honoured to be trusted with this story" ~ Greg Bryk

Can't wait to talk about this one!

Nov 18th 2019

Admin note: This topic subject was previously known as New Project - movie. I do love it when we finally get to use a title :) 

July 28th 2020

Admin note: Project title changed. Topic subject updated.

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Nikki Oct 30 '19
Filming for this one is now underway. 

Dont have permission to name the project, or the character, but I'm loving the various 'looks' & can't wait to see how Greg takes on this one! 

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Nikki Nov 18 '19
Now that we have permission to share: 

The movie project is called Chasing Justice

This is the true story of a teenage boy named Steve Truscott , who was wrongly convicted & sentenced to hang for  murder.

The movie chronicles the familys 40 year fight for justice.

Greg takes on the role of Steven, opposite Kristen Booth who plays his incredible wife Marlene.

And, with a time span of 40+ years, as Greg takes on the adult role, who better to play the younger Steven than Gregs own son Dempsey Bryk. :) 

" It has been my honour to tell this man’s story opposite the formidable @kristintbooth. Rarely has the truth mattered more." ~ Greg Bryk

It's still early days but Kristen has said that she's hoping the film will premiere at TIFF in 2020 

For those that have no idea what TIFF is.:

The Toronto International Film Festival is a huge motion picture industry event (similar to Cannes) that occurs every Sept. Thousands of high profile stars, industry execs & marketing people descend on Toronto for screenings, press days and networking.  Having the movie premiere there would be a very BIG DEAL for all concerned.

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