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Nikki Admin
Nikki Feb 11 '20

Greg loves working with Matt Barnes on the Wil Hawke projects, just as much as fans love to see them.

Rumours have been circulating about a 3rd installment for a few months now, but all I'm comfortable saying is......the boys may have something up their sleeves ;)

We all want this to work out, so keep your fingers crossed & stay tuned for updates

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tani VIP
tani Feb 11 '20
First you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. Cannot wait to see what Greg and Matt have planned next! But I sure know it will be brilliant!
Nikki Admin
Nikki Jan 26

For those that missed the IG live chat last weekend:

Greg announced that they are currently trying to get a Wil Hawke series made!!!
They have an excellent pilot script & the team includes the fine folks at Take The Shot productions (Frontier, Caught) 
Here's hoping the guys get positive reactions & the project is green lit.

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