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Nikki Admin
Nikki May 26 '17

**Officially revealed today**

Greg has been very busy working with video game developer Ubisoft Montreal on motion capture & voice work for FarCry5

Gregs character, Joseph Seed, is The Father.  Leader of a doomsday cult  known as The Project at Edens' Gate.

*I am your father & you are my children*

The game is set for Feb 27th, 2018 release.

You can view todays official announcement trailer via the link below.

**WARNING**  18+ 

Game footage contains violence & language that may be offensive to some members.

Official reveal trailer 

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Nikki Jul 15 '17
Check out the FarCry5 thread in the media forum for links to more trailers & magazine stories.
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Nikki Aug 12 '17
Greg has recently been down in Montana, working on something with the Far Cry 5 team. A little side project for the Father perhaps? Time will tell ☺

He's also been busy with more motion capture work & shared this BTS pic of his recent time with the team at Ubisoft Toronto

Nikki Admin
Nikki Oct 14 '17

Check out  the exclusive Father Collection Edition for Far Cry 5 

More info /pre-order :

Father Edition

Loving the artwork/ detailed steelbook & figurine! 


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Nikki Oct 16 '17

Announced today: the first Far Cry novel, and it appears to have a familiar face / character on the cover! 

According to info given on the Far Cry twitter account, FarCry: Absolution will allow you to "immerse yourself in Hope County and learn the backstory and motivations of members of the Resistance"

The novel is set for release February 13th 2018 but is currently available for pre-order.

Amazon Canada

Amazon US

International fans: Check your local Amazon site for availability 

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Nikki Dec 8 '17

Far Cry 5 release date has been pushed back a month. The game is now scheduled to launch March 27th  2018 

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Nikki Jan 20

And the Ubisoft merchandise keeps coming!!

Check out the Father Joseph Figurine collectible!!! 

More info: 

Ubi Store Father figurine

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Nikki Jan 26
Hearing talk of a FC 5 short film that is set to be released in March. Hoping Father Joseph has something to do with that! 

More details as they become available. 

JeremyDanversFan Moderator
Oh! That would be great!
Nikki Admin
Nikki Feb 25
Looks like a great time was had by all at Reinstein Ranch  for Far Cry 5 Press Day.

Photo credit: Drew Holmes

The Father arrived by helicopter & preached to the flock! Check out the media forum for links to video clips & the photos section for more pics from the event

Nikki Admin
Nikki Mar 1

More news on that short film we hinted at earlier: 

A Far Cry 5 -  Inside Eden's Gate, starring Greg Bryk, delves deeper into the project at Edens Gate & it's leader, Joseph Seed.

The film is set to premiere March 5th on Amazon Prime.

Check out the FarCry 5 thread, in the media forums, for a link to the films trailer.

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