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Nikki Admin
Nikki May 28 '17

Announcement #3 is for a movie:

Greg is joining the cast of Code 8 with Stephen Amell & Robbie Amell. Filming for this project begins June 1st.

Code 8 website 

Stay tuned for more updates

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JeremyDanversFan Moderator
JeremyDanversFan May 29 '17
I just checked the Homepage and watched the 10 mins long "Code 8 Short Film" ;) LOOOOVE IT! I think it's a bit like the X-Men Movies bec of the 'Mutants' and their Powers and that's what I really like!!!! And Robbie Amell is doing great in that one btw ... 
Nikki Admin
Nikki Jun 20 '17
Greg has been busy working on Code 8. Check out the photo section for some of his bts pics.
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Nikki Admin
Nikki Nov 18 '17

Greg plays Marcus Sutcliffe whom he describes as 'a very bad man'

Nikki Admin
Nikki Apr 26 '19
The special Code 8 premieres have begun. If you're one of the lucky ones who gets to attend /brought the perk - have fun! 

I suspect the majority of fans will be crossing their fingers & patiently waiting for news of a wider cinematic release. Keep an eye on the What's On forum for updates on that :)

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Nikki Admin
Nikki Oct 30 '19

The official Code 8 movie trailer was recently released.

Click HERE to go to the media forum & give it a look.

Info on release dates for Code 8 is also starting to come in.

Click HERE to go to the Whats On forum for latest updates.

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